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Travel Preparation Travel Preparation

Travel Preparation

Prior to any journey, checking the requirements for travelling to your chosen destination can make achieving a smooth, headache-free trip much more likely. Please read the AmazTravel provided "things to do before your travel overseas".

Travel Preparation for your home

Once a travel date has been chosen, the first step should be to contact those who will watch your house and pets and make sure they are available. Leave a folder at home with all the relevant travel information for a trustworthy person that can serve as an emergency contact. Put in a forwarding order or hold order for your mail at the post office if necessary and make sure to place a "stop" on orders of any regularly occurring deliveries or services.. Choose a predetermined time to call your family or friends due to the time difference and make sure you have a way of contacting them (skype, phone, email, etc.). Make arrangements to park your car long term while you are gone. It is best to park the vehicle with a full tank of gas and to add fuel stabilizer to the tank if you will be gone over a month.

Travel Preparation for yourself

Check whether your passport has at least 6 months left before it expires, if not then you will need to purchase a new one. Put a copy of your passport in a safe spot in the event of your actual passport getting lost or stolen. Look up and write down the embassy phone numbers for all your destinations. Make copies of your travel insurance contact information and credit cards so that you have a backup if they get lost or stolen.
Check the visa requirements, some countries do not require a visa, some will issue one on arrival, and some need one before you travel. Look at the weather of your destination for the duration of your stay and pack accordingly. Remember, packing light is a good choice, with many hotels offering clothes washing and drying services.

Travel Preparation for your finances

Make sure to inform your bank or credit card company that you plan to travel outside the country so that they do not freeze your cards. The banks might see your spending in a foreign country and consider it fraud if you do not inform them. Ask the bank for international contact numbers in the case of a lost or stolen card, you will need to cancel the card as soon as possible if lost or stolen. Look up the international exchange rate by searching for currency converters online and become familiar with what the foreign currency equals in your home currency. Visa and Mastercard are accepted in most ATM's and hotels, do not expect to be able to use them everywhere. ATM/debit cards can be used at ATM's or banks to get local currency at the exchange rate with only a small fee. Be sure to bring some local currency in cash when you travel just in case.

Travel Preparation for your Destination

Before your arrive at your destination read reviews and city "best-of" lists so as to get an idea of what you want to do once you have arrived. Another good source of local entertainment is the local tourist board; its website will often have an events calendar where you can check out any interesting events happening during your trip。The customs in your destination might be different than your home country so be sure to learn and practice some simple polite words like "please" and "thank-you." Mind your body language and be familiar with which hand, head, foot or face gestures might be offensive or misinterpreted. Research whether your destination will require a plug adapter and a converter with many sites listing the type of plug you will need. In some areas the dressing customs might be different. In some areas you may offend someone by wearing a tank top while in other regions, shorts and no top at all might be considered normal like at a beach or sun bathing location. AmazTravels local office staff will provide necessary suggestions and will be there to help you with adjusting to the new culture.

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