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Customer Reviews

Here are some of our customer reviews. If you want to share your experience of AmazTravel with others, or if you have any suggestions for our service team, feel free to do so on this site. Please visit Group Travel, then go to the Product page to submit feedback. Your experiences and suggestions help make our product the best it can be!

Clients:Linda Come From:NY Itinery:Best of China

We found it wonderful for just two travellers to have a dedicated tour guide as well as a well appointed vehicle complete with expert driver. For two of our days in Beijing we were lucky to have Sunny as our guide. She was a bright, happy and knowledgable guide and really made our experience one to treasure. I cannot speak too highly of our satisfaction with the entire Beijing component of our trip. I would highly recommend Amaztravel as tour organisers for groups of any number but especially for the small group experience. Visited October 2016

Clients:Jane Come From:NY Itinery:Highlights of Korea & Japan

This comment came a month late but i would really like to give amaztravel a well deserved good feedback! It was an awesome trip with our tourguide, Jin, who is very patient and knowledgeable. He is very professional and address all our demand, especially with my elderly parents who need slow pace throughout the journey. Jin makes a very good photographer too! We love our family photo taken by him, which is also very efficiently sent to me right after the trip. I would 100% recommend Amaztravel. Thanks Jin!

Clients: Liz H Come From:CA Itinery:Best of China

I contacted this travel agency by website, email and phone. The people I talked to have good responsiveness and I was reassured to be able to talk with the travel specialists based here Stateside, and get them to coordinate with the local specialists in Asia. It made the trip planning easier for us. We have been on vacation to China 4 times now, through Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and to Taiwan once (want to go back there soon and buy a new bike!). William at the LA office is a master of finding the best flight routes, with pretty good airfare too. I could get used to the airport welcome and chauffeur services of the local guides. They are all professional, but friendly. Thank goodness for their expertise to navigate the roads in these foreign lands. And these guys are so considerate of our comfort, were flexible to take us a couple extra places because my family and I always need lots of snacks on a trip, and some of us are more of shoppers than others. Anyway, I want to go to explore more historic China soon, maybe in the spring...And shop more, too (the clothing there is all my size!)

Clients:Will W Come From:CHI Itinery: Beautiful Hokkaido

AmazTravel saves me a lot of time planning my trips. I always go for a trip with my family once/twice a year. Last year I started to use Amaztravel and it didn't let me down! We went to Hokkaido for 6 days, the sightseeing and food were both too good! It was easy to communicate with the English guide, so we got to know a lot of the local culture and residents' lives during the trip. We will be surely coming back!

Clients:Dahlia L Come From:NY Itinery:Best of China

My frd told me about this company since I wanted to have a short trip to China. I tried to send them an inquiry of their "Best of China" route, and VERY SOON, Kathryn replied me in the email and even provided me with the final price of the trip! Effective!! The flight tickets are all included, and guess what.. all 5 Stars hotels for a very reasonable price! It didn't take me too long to confirm my trip with them. We were a small group in this trip, and the English guide was so funny and informative! The weather there was kinda hot and I regretted that I forgot my cap!! Still so much fun travelling with some interesting strangers. Basically it was so unforgettable and hopefully I can manage my second trip soon!! Will recommend to my frds~~! ^^

Clients:Kimiko Come From:Santa Rosa Itinery:China and Japan Tours

The trip was absolutely wonderful. We had two typhoons and an earthquake while we were in Tokyo. We have never been so drenched but, we had fun In spite of it. Prince hotel was very nice with our rooms being very big by Japanese standards. The breakfast buffet was out of this world. I had been in Japan 20 times before but always independently. I certainly will recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in Japan.

Clients:Mark Come From:CHI Itinery:China and Japan Tours

The trip was outstanding. Hotel room was a decent sized and comfortable. Breakfast was great. Literally no down side was ever. I cannot Imagine getting a better travel deal to Japan. I look forward to seeing what some of your other travel offers. Thank you very much.

Clients:William Come From:LA Itinery:China and Japan Tours

The trip to Japan and China was short but enjoyable. Didn't speak Japanese but was able to understand their English. Gardens and temples were the main subjects of this trip. Did some shopping in the Ginza. Would recommend this trip.

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