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Health and Safety Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Thailand is primarily considered a safe nation to travel to. Attacks towards individuals are far less likely to occur in Thailand than even other developed nations around the world. Even though the country might be safe, its essential to exercise caution, especially when dealing with strangers and travelling alone. Due to attacks and assaults being rare, many times tourists start having a false sense of security, which can then make them vulnerable to all kinds of scams. Bangkok is known to be good at creating friendships with travellers, letting them think they have got themselves a bargain, when in fact ripping them off with fraud.

Most of the cities and popular tourists spots in Thailand have adequate to excellent medical care. However, when travelling to rural areas, you might expose yourself to health risks and not so top-notch medical care. It is advised for tourists with no international insurance to get them specific travel insurance. Most hospitals ask for an upfront guarantee of payment prior to being admitted, so keep that in mind. With safe bottled mineral water available nearly everywhere, you have to keep yourself hydrated at all times. In a country like Thailand, which can get very hot, you shouldn't underestimate the risks of dehydration and always carry a bottle of water with you.

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