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Shopping in South Korea Shopping in South Korea

Shopping in South Korea

When preparing for a trip to South Korea, remember that you really do not need to take much with you; the country is one of the world’s premier shopping destinations. Especially in Seoul and Busan, you will find international brands of luxury goods, cosmetics, fashion, and so many other things. Westerners are not often aware that the world’s largest department store is in Busan, and Lotte and Shinsegae are the two most popular department stores in major Korean cities. Most department stores offer countless Western and Korean-produced items, and some even have their own grocery stores. It is good to note when the stores are offering discounts to get the best savings, but the country’s prices are already comparable to those offered at popular North American stores. It is important to remember that, unlike in many other Asian countries, haggling is not very common in South Korea. If you plan on shopping in this paradise, we recommend only buying things you can’t get in your country, as it could be difficult to get everything back home.

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