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Health and Safety Health and Safety

Health and Safety

India is certain one of the most fascinating places to travel to, but female travellers should always focus on planning towards being safe during their travels, because they might find themselves in unsafe situations. Since the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the city has taken steps towards tightening up the security, but for travellers its still better to be safe than sorry. Here we will list a few tips for travelling in the Indian sub-continent. In totality though Indians are friendly people, and during daytimes if dressed properly, no problems will be faced.

Even though highly violent situations are rare, petty thefts are pretty regular and quite a hassle in India. Therefore you should always keep your valuables safely with you, not allowing others to see it. It is also advised for women tourists to wear modest clothing, not wear jewelry and no show off that they have a lot of money. A great way to stay completely safe for women is to travel with a group of people, for example with a group travel package.

Even though the healthcare in India's major cities might be up to the Western standards, it's advised to carry prescription medicines while you travel. You better bring your eyeglass prescription and an extra saline solution if needed. Also it's advised to avoid ice in your drinks while in India. Remember to brush your teeth with purified water. Its also important to make sure all the food that you eat during your travels are completely cooked, as raw foods may cause you to get food poisoned. Arranging health insurance coving international treatment and emergency evacuation might also be important, specially if you have plans of engaging in high-risk activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing, scuba diving, trekking etc.

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